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Shunpiking with TripTiks and a Song

November 15, 2015

Well, I’ve new respect for truckers who traverse this great land, often while I sleep.  After eighteen days on the road,  I’m ready to settle for a spell.  It was a grand adventure driving from New England to the Carolinas, sometimes spurning the most direct route, preferring to shunpike.

My family rolled eyes as I exclaimed over my AAA TripTik which took me from here to there and back again.  No GPS?!  No Google Maps?! Nope, I did it like Jud and I used to before technology invaded.  Probably was just as well that Jud wasn’t nearby when I hauled my scribbled notes to AAA to solicit their help before I ventured forth. He hadn’t used one of those guides in a very long time. Then again, Jud may have been relieved to know I’d planned ahead.

Spending time with family and friends, revisiting some favorites places made the trip worthwhile.  It also did me good to know I could do this. So tempting to add, “all by myself.”  Hardly. I’m not talking about the TripTik, though it was fun to read the maps and look ahead at where I was headed.  Remember that campy kind of song,   KUMBAYA?  It’s not just a song.  God comes and stays. “Come by here, my Lord. Come by me.”

Tonight Maggie and Kate came for supper and a sleepover.  They’re tucked in upstairs. Tonight we read,  The Kissing Hand.    It’s a sweet story about a frightened raccoon, wanting to stay home with all his familiar toys, books, swing and Mommy rather than go away to school.  I get it, better than I did when I first read it to Lily, 12 years ago.

The mommy raccoon has a secret.  She takes her young son’s hand, fans open the fingers and plants a kiss in the palm of his little hand. He feels the warmth of her love run up his arm and into his heart.  His mommy reminds him that when he feels alone, just put your hand to your cheek and feel, “Mommy loves you.” A reminder that, “you’re not alone.” As he prepares to take the leap and head off to night school(he is a raccoon), he takes his mommy’s hand, plants a kiss.  Lesson learned.

It’s good to be home.  Safe  in the familiar but real life’s never without risks.  Psalm 143 reminds me that I’m still on a journey,  day and night school still in session. God’s staying presence, the kiss to my hand and heart.

If you wake me each morning with the sound of your loving voice, I’ll go to sleep each night trusting in you.  Point out the road I must travel.”

Someone’s praying, Lord,Kumbaya. Oh, Lord, Kumbaya.






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  • Reply Marty Lefever November 15, 2015 at 10:22 pm

    Hi dear friend,
    Welcome home! What a trip! You’re a brave girl traveling alone with just your Trip Tik! Good gracious, girlfriend! Truly, I am impressed! Praying for you this week as I think this is the week a year ago that Jud came into the presence of His Lord and Savior! Is that right? The weeks and months have passed and you have invited us to journey with you . . . an experience that has left its permanent imprint on our lives. Thank you! Dale sent me the video of Ralph and we were both blessed by his testimony. Our God reigns! Keep on keeping on, dear one! May Jesus hold and enfold you through these days of remembrance and may you continue to find encouragement in the everyday blessings and those precious grandchildren He has given you to love. Thanks for sharing your life so openly, honestly and creatively with your friends, near and far! We love you, Jan . . . Marty

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