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Same Old, Same Old, Until…

December 14, 2015

We live in an antsy culture.

Waiting’s best done elsewhere, some place where nothing much happens anyway. Only change is  the ongoing act of lowering expectations.

Head for a patch of stubbly grass on a Judean hillside,  surround yourself in sameness as predictable as the sheep who nibble away at the remains of the day or night.

Yup, if you want to practice sitting around, waiting and watching, hoping for something to happen, head for the hills.  Go hang out with some bleating sheep and a pack of bearded low-lifes. Same old, same old until…

God, what were you thinking?!

I can’t help but wonder about this and a whole lot more as I wait and watch from my patch on a hillside. Just one more sheep, sometimes too busy nibbling away at life to realize God’s come and stayed and  because of that and more,  might just  interrupt my rut with a word,  an act,  like happened in Luke 2, when God showed up, “suddenly” and Life was never the same.

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