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A Warming Trend

March 13, 2016

Early  March leaves me reticent to pack away winter’s trappings but I relished shedding a few layers, after our weatherman announced “a warming trend.” Love those southwesterly winds.  Stepped outside and discovered signs of that trend,  buds on bushes and green shoots  poking through hard earth. Farther down the road,  purple Crocuses and white Snowdrops sunned themselves, wrested from winter’s hard hold.

Growing up in the South, I thought spring the fairest season of all.  It came early and stayed late. Spring is to the South what fall is to New England.  Show time!  Spring’s timid in these parts.  I don’t blame her.  Winter’s sneaky, spring’s persistent. Before you know it, the salt and sand of winter’s residue disappears, swept from driveways and walkways by rain,  wind or a fed-up woman or man with a broom.  Flowers, freed from the earth that kept them down but not out,  color the landscape.  This longed for season awaits only God’s whisper in the dark, “Show Time.

Whispers of hope, one of God’s gifts, as I’ve slogged through this second winter without Jud.  I, like probably some of you,  sometimes hid in the dark of winter, awaiting God’s “warming trend”, a little like one of those down but not out flowers.

The other night came on me like winter’s final blast.  First, grief hit as I held Jud’s pillow. That’s expected.  Next came sobbing, touched off by worry, fear, pressing questions and pending decisions. After awhile, I ceased cowering and began confronting the deceiver who wants me and you to live in perpetual winter.  My neighbors were away so I sang out, as loud as one can while flat on your back in bed. I prayed, recited bible verses and cried out for Jesus and Jud to help this pathetic woman. Me! After I lay still and spent, Hope whispered, “all will be well.”

When I awoke, I tossed back the covers instead of cowering beneath them.  Lyrics from the hymn that encouraged me in California and helped me fall asleep the night before, nudged me awake.  “Hast thou not seen how thy desires ever have been granted in what He ordaineth?” I mumbled, “Tell me again, Lord, I forget.”

Faithfulness, grace, truth, mercy, patience, strength, wisdom; God’s provision for my desires. By this age, I’d hoped to be less clueless.  I’m reminded of the two men trudging along the Emmaus road, (Luke 24)  clueless as to the One who walked with them.  They, disappointed and disillusioned after Christ’s crucifixion, weren’t aware, until later, that the newly resurrected Jesus walked with them. Then they remembered God’s  “warming trend,”  when their hearts felt “strangely warmed.”(v.32NLT)

It’s time to “spring forward” and welcome daylight saving time. Can God’s “warming trend” be far behind?  If we pay attention we just might sense through sound or sight, God whispering to our winter-weary  souls, “Show time.”


God’s Ta-daaah!








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  • Reply Peggy Hothem March 14, 2016 at 12:12 am

    Thank you Jan for sharing your heart. I am reminded of all the different ways that Jesus revealed himself after his resurrection — not with pomp and circumstance, but to his beloved in special ways.

  • Reply Wendy Lane March 16, 2016 at 4:32 pm

    After I lay still and spent, Hope whispered, “all will be well.”

    That is beautiful, and so encouraging. I’ve heard that whisper – but it’s easy to forget. Thank you for the reminder – “Faithfulness, grace, truth, mercy, patience, strength, wisdom; God’s provision for my desires.!” AMEN!! I’m claiming this in Jesus wonderful, powerful Name!

  • Reply Jo Ann Buccigrosso March 21, 2016 at 12:11 pm

    Jan you write with an honesty of the heart for all women who hold tightly to a someone’s pillow. And today…Spring’s Ta – daaah interrupted just to remind us who’s really in charge! Blessings for a quiet, deeper and Holy Lent as HOPE gently whispers.
    With you sending love afar to the Lefevers. JB

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