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Something to Tell Our Kids and Grandkids

March 20, 2016

We call it Palm Sunday.  Most,back then, probably saw the day as a parade to celebrate this miracle worker out of Nazareth.  Word traveled that Jesus, the Celebrity, was heading their way.  Believers and non, curious and critical followed behind or raced ahead, waving palm branches. Something was in the air.  The crowd inhaled hope and exhaled despair, daring to believe that life just might change for the better.

The excitement made me glad that I brought my boys. Not everyday you get to see a future King.  Some snickered that he rode a donkey. My kind of man. No pretense. We scooped up fallen palm fronds and waved and yelled, “Hosanna” with the crowd. All we could see were the backs of folks in front of us.  We screamed, “Bless the one who comes in the name of the Lord!” ’til we grew hoarse.  Never felt anything quite like this.   I heard folks saying, “This’ll be something to tell our kids and grandkids.”  Some, like me, hoisted a kid on our shoulders to give them a better look. My youngest yelled,  “Dad, It’s Jesus! The One who took the lunch Mama made for me and fed thousands with just my bread and fish.   It was awesome!” 

“Wish I’d been there, son.  Wonder what Jesus will do when he’s king?”

My young son leaned down from my shoulder and squealed,”Can you imagine his crown?”

I yelled up to him,”You can be sure it won’t be like any other king’s!”

and it wasn’t.

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  • Reply Randall K Mathews March 27, 2016 at 11:32 pm


    In the hopes that this will reach you, I want to mention that Alice and I found a folder with one of your blogs and Maggie’s Baptisim Card on the the table near the entrance to the Preston Cutler Room at Christ Church. I was concerned that they would be both be lost so brought them home with me. I can bring them next Sunday to Christ Church if that works for you. Just didn’t want you t worry about where they were so thought that I would try this means of reaching you. I do not have either your email address or telephone number so couldn’t contact you directly. My telephone number is: 978-304-0191

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