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Store Bought Laughter

August 15, 2016

Growing up on the lower end of middle class, anything store bought felt rich.  Mama made curtains, dresses and aprons out of feed sacks.  Coming from Owenby’s Mill in Georgia they were “purty thangs.”    Feed stored in printed fabric sacks.  Useable, once washed.  Early recycling.

It’s rare I  buy anything without a sense of gratitude for resources unimagined by or available to me, as a kid.  As the eldest, I was often aware of times we survived on the Bible promise, “My God shall supply all your needs….”  And God did. And does.

Last week, after purchasing laughter, while spending time in Kennebunkport with my friend, Gail, I smiled at how far I’d come or how low I’d sunk, depending on ones perspective.

It’s what we do, Gail and I.  We stand in the card aisles,  passing the best laughs back and forth.  This time, we stood  in a shop selling tile coasters stamped with words.

Helpful hints like, “I still don’t understand why, What’s wrong with you? isn’t acceptable small talk.”

Almost bought, “Calories are tiny creatures that live in your closet and sew your clothes a little tighter every night.”

For myself, I picked up, “I danced like no one was watching but someone was watching, thought  I was having a seizure and called an ambulance.” If you’ve ever seen me dance, you’ll know why I chose this.  Remember I grew up a preacher’s kid, who wasn’t allowed to dance because it might lead to you-kn0w-what.

God continues to supply my needs.  Sometimes with Bible promises, time with or words from friends ,family and good neighbors, and once in a while, enough resources to pick up some store bought laughter.

May some of it press joy into your day, as it has mine.


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  • Reply Margaret A. Hunt August 15, 2016 at 7:21 pm

    So often your writing takes me back to some long gone memories.

    We used to sell grain for animals and some used to come in pretty material (probably cotton)
    which was transformed into a pretty skirt or dress for my sister and me. I was a chubby kid
    because we also sold ice cream, candy bars and cupcakes which were quite tempting so I needed
    a chubby dress. Some things never change!

    Fondly. MAH

    Thanks so much for helping me remember days gone by

  • Reply Dale Lefever August 16, 2016 at 11:14 am

    Thanks Jan. There are times, like this election year, when the choice is to laugh or cry. I choose to laugh, but, as an introvert, my mouth stays closed until I break out with a snort. The grandkids are impressed unless there are others around and then they pretend to administer CPR.

    Continued love for a dear friend,


  • Reply wendy lane August 16, 2016 at 4:32 pm

    Hahahaha! Having been to 2 wedding receptions in the last 2 weeks, I’ve seen some dancing that made me laugh out loud at the dance saying you picked up! And the calories one is also a hoot! Sandi and I did a similar thing as you and Gail at a cute little store in Ogunquit called “Spoiled Rotten” that Wendy told us about. Haha, so fun – long time friends and laughter – so good for the heart and soul!

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