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Caring’s Contagious

September 12, 2017

Unless you frequent Hallmark stores, you might’ve missed  Sunday was National Grandparents Day.  My awareness came, served on a tray by Maggie: egg, toast, tea and a card.

“Did you notice, Momo, I wrote on the envelope ‘sealed with a kiss’?”

“You betcha, Maggie. I’m saving the envelope.”

Two days since breakfast brought bedside.  Still savoring who Maggie’s becoming.(age 10) Her parents, away for their anniversary weekend, heard the details after returning home.

Parenting’s tough.

We, who’ve “been there, done that” need to encourage, offer signs of hope.

Today, while pushing my cart into Market Basket, I overheard one man yelling to another.

“Hey, Sunshine.  How you doin’ ?”

The curmudgeon shouted back,”Too soon to tell!”

True of more than parenting, isn’t it?

Circled me back to Father Patrick’s sermon from Romans. Christian community means we’re part of a body and a family. Patrick and Romans remind us, “we can’t choose our family or God’s” and “all parts of the body are needed.”  As family, we’re brothers and sisters, whether we want to be or not. At Patrick’s urging during passing the peace, we turned to each other, and said, “Sister/Brother,I need you.”

Felt awkward but a start.

We do need each other, not just in times of  national or personal crises, but when things just aren’t going well, or we’ve lost perspective, feeling the best we can hope for is maybe it’s just too soon to tell.

Patrick reiterated,”Mercy  is the defining characteristic of God’s family. God’s mercy  towards us and our mercy towards each other.”

Who needs God’s mercy expressed through one of us?

Who needs the lift of breakfast in bed or a card “sealed with a kiss”?

Hallmark markets  caring.

Christians are called to care.

We really need each other.



Caring could catch-on.





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