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Come Before Winter

October 5, 2017

Sweater weather.

I love these early fall days when just a sweater will do.

Today’s full on Indian Summer, warm and welcoming.  Toes peek from sandals, enjoying flexibility and fresh air  for another day or two, knowing too soon they’ll be sheathed in socks for the long haul, when bone-chilling air swoops down from the north.

No color to speak of, still leaves take leave of branches, as if on cue, dancing around like children unleashed at recess. Mums and pumpkins decorate porches and yards, adding color for a price. Too soon we’ll reach to the back of closets for winter coats, swap sandals for sturdy shoes, hunt thick socks to distance the chill.

Winter’s coming.

Not ready.

Perhaps it’s because winter takes a liking to New England and lingers, wearing out more than its welcome. Which is probably why I felt a chill of connection when reading Paul’s letter to Timothy this week.

Paul’s in prison in Rome, near the end of his life when he writes to Timothy.   “Bring the winter coat…”  (II Timothy 4 in The Message)

Winter comes.

Even for saints, like Paul.

Maybe, especially so.

Not because they did wrong, but Good.

Paul’s heartfelt plea reaches to any who find themselves locked into a nor’easter of the soul, no matter the date on the calendar.

“Try hard to get here before winter.”(II Timothy 4 The Message)

We need  both warm cloaks and the company of others.

To all who mourn, weep beside fresh graves, pace hospital corridors, feel useless or  stuck in place without answers or  hope,  may God, who knows all, tap a Timothy to “come before winter” with the winter coat for warmth and the company for courage to carry on.

Sometimes we’re the pleaders.

Sometimes we’re the provisions.  














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  • Reply Sue Andringa October 6, 2017 at 12:36 am

    Fall is definitely in the air and the trees are turning color here in the White Mtns of Arizona. Who knew there were pine trees and mountains and cool weather just 3 hours from the desert! We are blessed with both worlds… and love putting on sweatshirts and turn on the fire place when the wind makes the pine trees sing and clap their hands!
    Love to you, dear Jan!

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