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Sticker Shock

May 14, 2018

What marketing guru came up with the idea, self-stick, personalized address labels can generate a desire to give money to the asking charity?  All I know is I’m dealing with sticker shock.

How many address labels does one need and I’m a letter writer?

Most charities never hear from me, not that I don’t care, but choose carefully who to support.  Sometimes I feel slightly guilty at keeping the labels  with my name or Jud’s,  without paying something. ( Probably, what’s behind the “gift.”)

That’s one of the mystifiers about God.

God shows up with something for nothing.


Actually, everything comes without manipulation, squeeze plays or fake freebies on God’s part.

Grace freely given, not cheap.

Discipleship costs, however.

Sometimes I wonder about the truer meaning of sticker shock,  the startling costs of :  squandered time,  abuse of creation,  institutionalized hatred and racism,  personal and corporate greed, disregard for the poor, lack of kindness, love, respect and forgiveness between people.

One day, “when we all get to heaven”, as the gospel song goes, wonder what we’ll learn about the real cost of the gifts we’ve received from God and others, free for the asking, the taking or  giving away.

Reminds me of Poco’s gift yesterday, a homemade Mother’s Day card, with a $1.00 bill inside.

Generous love at seven.

A Bible story reads,

“Jesus went over to the collection box in the Temple and sat and watched as the crowds dropped in their money.  Many  rich people put in large amounts.  Then a poor widow came and dropped in two pennies.”  Jesus said to his disciples, ” they gave a tiny part of their surplus, but she, poor as she is, has given everything she has.”(Mark 12: 41-44 NLT)

God knows, I don’t just have a surplus of address labels.

Lord, have mercy.








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  • Reply Eleanor May 15, 2018 at 12:20 am

    Dear Jan, I with you for all these charities that sends address labels and ask for money. We have been on SS for some time and we are doing fine. God is providing for which we are grateful. Sue and her husband Tim have opened The Potters House Bakery and Cafe for the last week and a half. They have sold out abut four days and they have got to buy another stove and another baker.This is also a training center for older austist young people. They will eventually work in the bakery, Sue worked for this lady who calls this CARD Camp last summer. It will start the month of June, She is trying to raise support for this, if she doesn’t get enough she will have to charge the parents. Every6one loves the mission of this project.Wish I could send you a picture they haven the bakery of a potter molding the clay. It is beautiful. Miss you and hope you are feeling well. Love Eleanor.

  • Reply Gail MacDonald May 15, 2018 at 5:39 am

    Many of us no doubt are smiling ear to ear. I have a drawer devoted to stickers I receive from places I’ve never given to also. Who doesn’t. Love the way you pick up on stuff and give it deeper meaning my friend. I’m so glad you had a good Mother’s Day, Janny.

  • Reply wendy lane May 15, 2018 at 12:43 pm

    Ha! YES!! Drives me batty – I want to write back and say PLEASE use the money for these labels on your charity!! On the other hand, so deeply grateful for the Grace freely given that certainly was not cheap. Side note, but not totally unrelated, our Pastor wrote to our staff (most who are young) yesterday:
    “Another lesson from Ron Clark’s classroom rules: “Always say thank you when you receive something … There is no excuse for not showing appreciation.” My (his) added comment: Learn to write and send thank you notes. This is quickly becoming a lost act and art, and will not only be good for you, but will bless others!”
    I was amazed at how many replied saying they never knew about writing thank you notes until they came to our church. Others had parents who taught them to always write a thank you note. A great reminder no matter how you grew up. And, to always give thanks to God too, especially for His gifts so freely given, but not without much cost. <3

  • Reply Dale Lefever May 16, 2018 at 3:51 pm

    Thanks Jan,

    When those labels come addressed to Mr. and Mrs. Leftover, I know I am free to toss them without guilt. I still have the $1 one our grandchildren gave me for a birthday – memory of charity and generosity.

    Blessings, Dale

  • Reply Hilda June 15, 2018 at 8:57 pm

    Dear Jan, I’m a big fan of your mom and am discovering that I haven’t read all her books yet! Right now I’m reading Who will wind the Clock and I have Let the Joy Come. I am so thankful that your mom was able to share the pain and sorrow along with the joy and blessings of life – God is still speaking to me through her writings.I thought last night as I pulled out a picture that was taken of me and your mom back in the 90s at a Women’s Conference in Spartanburg SC – that we must be kindred spirits 🙂 And now I’m delighted to discover Margaret’s daughter’s writings through this blog! So nice to meet you too! Hilda

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