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Wisdom Weeps and Waits

October 5, 2018

As I write, a vote is taking place in the Senate.

No matter where one stands on the vote, no matter which party wins, we’ve lost a hallmark of our democracy:


Civil discourse left a long time ago.  Social Media hasn’t helped.  Ways we fund political campaigns continue to make politicians in both parties beholden to moneyed groups with specific agendas.

Like many of you, I sat tethered to the television during the hearings.  I wept for the Fords and the Kavanaughs…two damaged, hurting families.  But I also cried for all people wounded by sexual assaults ( me,too) who fear reprisal, further shame from disbelief and for our country, ripped apart by words, actions and inactions.

Today I read Eugene Peterson’s introduction to Proverbs in The Message. He writes:

Wisdom is the biblical term for this on-earth-as-it-is-in-heaven everyday living.  Wisdom is the art of living skillfully in whatever actual conditions we find ourselves…Wisdom has to do with becoming skillful in honoring our parents and raising our children, handling our money and conducting our sexual lives, going to work and exercising leadership, using words well and treating friends kindly, eating and drinking healthily, cultivating emotions within ourselves and attitudes toward others that make for peace. Threaded through all these items is the insistence that the way we think of and respond to God is the most practical thing we do.”

Where is God really in today’s politics?

Does the repeal of or affirmation for Roe v. Wade justify by any means possible?

If  we banded together, like Pharisees, armed with stones to destroy our chosen sinners, what would Jesus do?

What might Jesus  write in the sands we’ve drawn our line in?

After reading, would we head for the nearest bar,  confessional or voting booth?

Wisdom weeps, watches and waits.







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  • Reply Helen October 5, 2018 at 8:01 pm

    Where is our Mercy? Forgive me but I’ve felt Mr Calvin & friends teach – Mercy for me..Justice for you! I see Mercy at the foot of the cross and in whatever words were written in the sand! The current attitude in our country – often encouraged by evangelicals – I just don’t fit and sadly I don’t like it!

  • Reply Pat McBain October 5, 2018 at 10:54 pm

    My mind often returns to the old saying: “What would Jesus do?” With the advent of social media communications that can impact so many lives with the push of a button, I would add: “What would Jesus hear and say?” I’m sure He would be teary-eyed to observe how many people use their God-given talents to bully, insult, and lie their way to positions of power. He would be heart-broken to realize that caring for the poor, disabled, and elderly is no longer a priority. And He would wonder how this society can ever put these pieces of our brokenness back together. I will continue to pray and strive to live by the Golden Rule, even if others don’t – we can’t lose hope…

  • Reply Dale Lefever October 6, 2018 at 2:00 am

    Thanks Jan,

    I will send you some thoughts off-line as I clearly have more to learn about your perspective.

    Trust you, Dale

  • Reply Jeri October 6, 2018 at 4:04 pm

    I shake my head in anger and discouragement. Power corrupts, eyes do not see, discernment is lacking, all in the name of a party affiliation and pressure from their peers. I do not see courage, only subordination. I see very very little objective searching for truth, only a helpless stand that party matters more. All those who originally voiced a stand in the beginning of this presidency on the Republican side buckled ( Rubio, Graham) now are cheering him on. I ask why? Clearly the president hasn’t changed positively, and in fact has become more outrageous and unlimited, so you have to ask, who moved? The one phrase said to me by my more conservative friends after he was elected was that the government’s “checks and balances” would hold things together. Ha ha… we see just how that’s working for us. If the governing body refuses to hold our leaders accountable that will never happen. And now the courts…Lord Jesus, come.

    • Reply Helen October 6, 2018 at 5:33 pm

      And the “Come Lord Jesus” seems wrong , too. Look around the world, we really don’t have it bad, YET.
      I read a book on Ezekiel – mostly chap. 38.. In the end those countries who are in line to go to war against Israel..(when the Come Lord Jesus really happens) are together now Iran, Russia Turkey etc… and there is no mention of USA – yes I know when it was written! But those powers and Trumps “love bird” N Korea have the power to get rid of us. And I am so concerned about my children and Grands It keeps getting worse! And I read “Fear not” but I do and I can’t get a handle on my fear for them!

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