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Life Savers

October 13, 2018


Growing up a wiggler in a preacher’s family had its rewards. During the sermon, to occupy my mouth, which was known to speak out at an early age, Mama fed me peppermints or LifeSavers,  sometimes tainted with perfume and fuzzy with lint from her handkerchief.

Memories surfaced when I watched former President George W. Bush pass a cough drop to former First Lady Michelle Obama  during Senator McCain’s service. In a recent interview, Michelle commented on the incident, “We’re friends.  I love him to death. I asked him how old this cough drop was and learned it was old, from his White House years.”

In this divisive time in our nation, it felt hopeful hearing,”We’re friends  and I love him.”

They represent different genders, races, political parties but are friends.

Love looks and acts like that, “going high when others go low”, refusing to use  words that work like shovels to deepen the divide,  and accepting a linty, old  life saver, offered in friendship.

Being in church with family and friends comes like a life saver to still my restless spirit, a set time each week to grab hold of a life preserver by reciting and singing truths, confessing sins and listening to God’s words to  keep me from drowning in the cares of last week or tomorrow’s.

Poco’s a wiggler and talker, a genetic trait, obviously from my side, not Jud’s.

One’s never quite sure wigglers listen.

Part of the liturgy includes the confession of sins.

Last Sunday, Poco sat on Lily’s lap, her cousin, as we recited the prayer.

“Most merciful God…we have not loved you with our whole heart;”

Suddenly, Poco piped up, “I have!”

Where’s a peppermint when you need one to reward one wiggler for listening and loving God with all her heart.














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  • Reply Randall Mathews October 13, 2018 at 11:15 am

    Good morning, Jan:

    Hallelujah for all the “Pocos” in the world especially our Kate, who will soon turn eight. Your blog this morning warmed the cockles of my heart. How I do miss my hugs from Poco and Maggie.

    Our prayers and thoughts are with all the Carlbergs, young and old and any in between!!

    Dean and Jane Petersen are dropping in for lunch on Monday. There is room at the table for you!!

    Randy for the Mathews

    • Reply Jan Carlberg October 13, 2018 at 3:24 pm

      You and Alice are missed by more than my two Grands. Your family in Illinois and whatever church you attend is blessed to have you.

    • Reply Nancy Mering October 13, 2018 at 11:39 pm

      I ditto what Jan says about folks at Christ Church missing the Mathews. I sure do –though, since we now attend Christ Church in Norway, ME, I no longer look for you in “your” seats near the alter. I hope you and Alice are both well and are content in your new life. I hope I can hear from the Pedersens about their visit with you–Nancy

  • Reply Wendy Lane October 13, 2018 at 2:50 pm

    I laughed out loud right from the line “to occupy my mouth, which was known to speak out at an early age,” Not YOU Jan?! Haha! I loved the story of Michelle Obama and Former Pres. Bush – warmed my soul; I wholeheartedly agree being part of a church family is a life saver (that’s not exactly what you said, but my paraphrase with all the reasons and benefits you listed 🙂 ); and, Poco’s pipe up in church was priceless! Thank you for this sweet refreshment for my soul. Love you.

    • Reply Jan Carlberg October 13, 2018 at 3:29 pm

      I come from a long line of strong Norwegian women who sometimes struggled to find the mute button. My mother, the eldest in her family and a preacher’s daughter, is said to have stood up on a pew while her father was preaching and shouted, “Say amen, Papa!”
      She was a three year old wiggler and hungry but, no doubt, received more than Sunday dinner once she got home.

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