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Joy on Parade

October 31, 2018


There’s JOY in Boston today.

The Duck Boat Parade rolled through town overflowing with Red Sox players, coaches and behind the scenes folks who helped make it all happen this year.  Since I’m in California, I watched it live streaming on my computer.

Swallowed some JOY when I saw pitchers David Price holding up Eovaldi’s name and Rick Porcello pointing to Chris Sale.  Team effort on parade.

Mid-morning I headed to Basil’s  elementary school to help with the Halloween party and observe the parade. There were  races with kids balancing an eyeball(ping pong ball with painted pupils) on a spoon , donuts swinging off fishing poles to be caught and eaten with hands behind your back, ring tosses and cookie decorating. Treats made by parents and costumes tucked in sacks to be donned for the parade, after lunch.  Teachers and principal in costume, sullying or fortifying their reputations. Joy exploding from every corner of the room and campus.

At parade’s end I plopped down on a bench in the courtyard, awaiting the final bell and a sweaty hug form my grandson.


Classroom observation confirmed Bazy’s in a good public school. The walls taught: “Metacognition means Thinking about Thinking.” Another sign read: “What if everybody did that?” Then there were the dioramas honoring someone special for Dia de los Muertos, the day of the dead.  Basil chose Jud, his Popo. Nestled inside a shoebox were symbols and a photo of Jud and me. Humbling. By week’s end, he’ll share the story of why he chose each representation.

There’ll be another parade some day, no duck boats needed, nor costumes.  We’ll all be cheering the One who is JOY, searching for familiar faces, awaiting hugs from ones too alive  to be boxed in any longer.

Pure Joy.





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  • Reply Marjorie Lund November 1, 2018 at 12:41 am

    Love your comments re: Basil’s school

  • Reply Sharon Eaton November 1, 2018 at 2:33 am

    Dear Jan,
    What a beautiful Halloween post!
    It took me back to my teaching days in 1st grade or K…pure joy indeed!
    So glad you are in California with the grandkids there for this fun kid’s day in October!
    Hugs & love,

  • Reply Wendy Lane November 1, 2018 at 12:35 pm

    So thankful for your time with grandchildren – and it sounds like a very special time indeed. I hope you’ll share why he chose each representation! <3

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