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Notes from Jan

Notes from Jan

Just a Piece of Friendly Advice

Surrounded by stacks of papers, I write to escape. I’ll do almost anything to avoid paperwork. And yet, guilt from the ingrained standards and example of my Norwegian mother and a perfectionist father leave me feeling guilty, but not enough to keep sorting. My…

January 20, 2022
Notes from Jan

Because You Asked…

“Texture: Express Yourself!” Our New Year’s Eve party assignment. I came as JELL-O. But then you knew that if you read my last blog…JELL-Oh! So since some of you were curious and others wanted permission to copy my costume/necklace, here it is. Momo, age…

January 13, 2022
Notes from Jan

J.E.L.L. OH!

Well, it’s been a long time since I made Jello. And, I didn’t make any this time, though Jello was my choice for the New Year’s Eve party. I’ll get to the why later, so bear with me a little longer. Oh, and it’s…

January 6, 2022
Notes from Jan

Where’s an Angel When You Need One?

“Christmas is over, Momo!” My youngest Grand shouted in response to my wish to watch a Christmas movie on December 30th, which is the sixth day of Christmas in the Episcopal church. But not to my Grand, Poco. To her anything Christmassy ended December…

January 1, 2022
Notes from Jan

God Within Reach

It’s a simple prayer request. “Give us this day our daily bread.” Still, sometimes we feel full of dread more than bread. We sense something’s missing. Some One. Which may be why more than two thousand years ago, God said, “It’s time.” And Jesus…

December 22, 2021
Notes from Jan

Sometimes Hope Sings Unlikely Songs in Unusual Places

Well, I needed hope. For days I tried booking my booster. CVS suggested I head to Haverhill on December 20th. Too late. Finally, I stopped by Gloucester’s Senior Center. They referred me to Conley’s drug store in Ipswich. And so it came to pass…

December 11, 2021
Notes from Jan

The Last Straw

Well, I heard or said it more than once, “That’s the last straw!” You know, just another version of “I can’t take any more!” As in, anymore of you, it, them or myself. Life has a way of piling on sometimes and for some…

December 7, 2021
Notes from Jan


Advent came early this year, right along with Thanksgiving. I like when that happens. The tree’s up, the Perch decorated and it’s still November. Frenzy’s lost it’s foothold. For now, calm carries the day. It’s one of the carryovers from Covid’s lock downs, learning…

November 30, 2021
Notes from Jan

Hankering for Home

It’s been awhile. Almost two weeks. In between blogs, life happened. Heather and Basil flew in for a visit, an early cause for thanksgiving. When I was young, time moved sloth-like. Not anymore. Blink and yesterday’s tomorrow. Sometime this month, the days shortened, temperatures…

November 23, 2021
Notes from Jan

Somebody’s Fishing

And not for halibut, bass or compliments. A real friend alerted me to the fact that someone is impersonating me on Facebook. That must’ve been an adventure. I don’t do Facebook, except connecting the blog to it. Well, my son, Chad, did that. So…

November 9, 2021