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Notes from Jan

Notes from Jan

On Pardoning Turkeys

Saw in the newspaper that President Biden pardoned two turkeys. Liberty and Bell received a repreive. Sorta like an early Christmas present. Although I wouldn’t crow prematurely, Pardoned Twosome. Not everyone prefers a Christmas goose. Apparently, according to a recent post(11/20/23) by Garrison Keillor,…

November 22, 2023
Notes from Jan

What’s Wrong? You Look Worried.

Blame it on my face. Apparently, it gives off signals that something’s wrong. My kids call it my “bum face.” Once, after being identified with such, I hurried to the closest mirror to check my expression. Well, reflecting back were furrowed lines, squinting eyes…

November 14, 2023
Notes from Jan

Sometimes Hope Needs a Hand

Ayla did it again. She preached a sermonette without words. So once again, Sunday at Christ Church delivered some sacred surprises. It was All Saints’ Day, Children’s Sunday and Naomi Gray, our Rector’s wife did the sermon. Win. Win. And win! But if that…

November 7, 2023
Notes from Jan

Tricks or Treats and Some Usual Good Practices

Yesterday I spent almost four hours with my mouth open for oral surgery. Saints above and below prayed for me, since I was antsy, at best. Alas, it didn’t help that I saw a cartoon with a pumpkin in a dentist’s chair. The dentist…

October 31, 2023
Notes from Jan

A Time to Cry, A Time to Clap

Lots of crying around the world, especially in Gaza and Israel. And in my car, when I pray. Well, not wanting to arrive red-eyed when I picked up my Grandgirl Maggie and her friends Saturday morning, I slid in a CD . Music often…

October 23, 2023
Notes from Jan

Toothless and Blind

Remember? That’s what Teyve said in Fiddler on the Roof. If we repay an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth, “Soon the whole world is blind and toothless.” Hamas calls for “a day of rage.” Israel pummels Gaza. What Hamas…

October 14, 2023
Notes from Jan

So What Are You Reading These Days?

Like many of you, I love to read. So it’s troubling to learn how far behind many children are in reading. And how few can read or write cursive. One’s handwriting offers clues to a person, as does what we read. So many of…

October 9, 2023
Notes from Jan

So, What’s for Suppah?

Her smile welcomes me into the Walgreens, just down the hill from where I live. She watches as I wrestle to free a cart that’s determined to stay put. Then asks, “Can I help you?” “No thanks. I think I’m OK.” (Famous last words.)…

September 29, 2023
Notes from Jan

The Sans of Time

No, I didn’t leave out the D, as in sands of time. I meant sans as found in lines from William Shakespeare’s, As You Like It. I’m referring to The Seven Ages of Man speech by Jaques. Remember? “All the world’s a stage, and…

September 22, 2023
Notes from Jan

This Is SO You!

The ads pop up like annoying gnats in my email. Some suggest “we picked this just for you.” But the worst came yesterday, an ad showed a pair of skinny jeans and a mini-skirt with “this is SO you. “Well, lets just say, it’s…

September 14, 2023