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Notes from Jan

Notes from Jan

One of Those Days

It was one of those days. I got up earlier than usual to wash my hair. While it’s thinner than when I was younger, it still takes time. I’m not one to just put on a baseball cap and hope for the best. Nor,…

May 25, 2023
Notes from Jan


The title for this blog showed up in today’s Grace Notes by Philip Yancey. He wrote, “Rather than rushing from one task to the next, pause for a moment and recognize the time between times.” Time to consider the possibilities within a pause. For…

May 18, 2023
Notes from Jan

All the While

So much I could say with Mother’s Day at hand. One thing I choose to say to those with or without children, for whatever reason, is this: It is YOU God loves. Your worth is not connected to giving birth. YOU were born and…

May 12, 2023
Notes from Jan

Lets Face It

Who cries over a cinnamon donut? I did this morning. Sobbed with a mug of coffee in one hand and a donut in the other. Taste and memory connected and I was nine again in DeKalb, Illinois. As the eldest of three, I received…

May 4, 2023
Notes from Jan

We Need To Talk

Supposedly, these four words are the most dreaded in a marriage or relationship. “We need to talk.” It usually translates to the hearer as, “What have I done wrong this time?” Which is why, in part, I’m taken by the way Jesus, shortly after…

April 25, 2023
Notes from Jan

Marathon Moments

Yesterday was Marathon Monday and the tenth anniversary of the 2013 Marathon Bombing. While I never ran a marathon, I love this event and stories connected with it. However, there’s nothing quite like being there, cheering, like we did for our friend, Pat McCary,…

April 18, 2023
Notes from Jan


By today most chocolate bunnies are hard of hearing after having their ears nibbled off. As one who needs hearing aids, I empathize with any who struggle to hear. Listening’s another matter. Words can go in one ear and out the other, depending on…

April 10, 2023
Notes from Jan

Thoughts On A Pint-Sized Saint

No day passes without someone leaving this earth and another one showing up. Crying comes naturally on both occasions. And so we show up at funerals to say, “You mattered.” and at births “Welcome to this world.” Take today, for instance. I’m in California,…

March 31, 2023
Notes from Jan

Still Learning

Returned home from North Carolina last evening. I love and need time with my brother, Ralph and sister-in-love Chris. A couple of mornings, Ralph made pecan waffles along with country ham and warm maple syrup. We had Carolina BBQ and just enough sweet tea…

March 23, 2023
Notes from Jan

About That Mess

Tax time reminds me of Mama. Daddy was the one with the business head. But after he died Mama took on the taxes. She kept a shoe box with receipts and information she felt might be helpful. Because she was a writer, received royalties…

March 11, 2023