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Notes from Jan

Notes from Jan

Comfort Food

Comfort’s not classy. It’s cozy. In food, for me, it shows up like a grilled cheese sandwich with a bowl of tomato soup. Or like this morning, a bowl of oatmeal to take the chill off a winter morning. Sometimes it’s a warm chocolate…

January 26, 2023
Notes from Jan

Still Shining

It cost too much so I said, “Not now, maybe another time.” The man, at our local Ace hardware, smiled and said, “If I give you my discount, it’s this much.” I was stunned at his generosity and kindness. So, I said, ” Wow!…

January 13, 2023
Notes from Jan

Joy Shots

Welcome to the first week of this New Year. Christmas is history, for most. As Lily and I drove home from lunch in Larkspur, we noticed curbs laden with evergreen trees tossed beside bins for trash or recycling. Sorta sad. One day you’re the…

January 6, 2023
Notes from Jan

On The Fifth Day of Christmas

Whenever we sing the Twelve Days of Christmas, I catch my breath on day #5. You know, ” FIVE GOL-DEN R I N G S!” Well, today’s been a catch your breath kinda day. Just the Grands and me on this drizzly day. Since…

December 30, 2022
Notes from Jan

The Word Became

Mama repeated five words to me, often. Why? When I was a teenager, I argued. She countered with parental wisdom. I resisted. Until finally, she gave me that look and ceased the debate with five dreaded words, “Not another word, Janice Dawn!” Sometimes I…

December 22, 2022
Notes from Jan

Not Your Average Jo

It was both sign and story. No angels sang but a few impatient cars honked. It happened on the same day the BELIEVE sign welcomed shoppers, during this season of mixed messages and blessings. As for the sign, it stood outside the J Jill…

December 14, 2022
Notes from Jan

Puzzling Over Christmas

Yesterday I drove to Lynnfield’s MarketStreet with two gifts in mind. MarketStreet’s a unique collection of shops and restaurants, unlike enclosed malls. While different, I didn’t expect a sermon. As I approached the first rotary, a single blinking sign, BELIEVE, “preached.” Granted, at noontime…

December 6, 2022
Notes from Jan

Bethlehem Bound

Oh, to be sure, I still have some leftover turkey to eat and words of gratitude to express. But Thanksgiving, as an official day, is over until next year. So are Black Friday and Cyber Monday, thankfully. And while I love Thanksgiving, I’m so…

November 29, 2022
Notes from Jan

Here Be God

Let me explain. The title comes from a reflection by the Petersens in their One Year Book of Psalms. The entry for November 16th focused on Psalm 139:7-12, which is one of my favorite psalms. ” I can never escape from your spirit. I…

November 20, 2022