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Notes from Jan

Notes from Jan

What’s a “God Bless” Look Like, Anyhow?

    It’s Saturday night and nowhere to go, so I might as well tell a story, then finish the blog or the dishes.  Well, the story took place in Colorado when Devon, my niece, was about three or four. She was into praying. …

August 29, 2020
Notes from Jan

A Weighty Matter

It’s a rare day my computer doesn’t cough up deals for laser hair removal or promotions for products I have no use for, especially during this minimalist period we find ourselves living in.  But, at least, the Boston Globe’s thinned down.  It’s mostly news,…

August 21, 2020
Notes from Jan

Becoming A Vaccine

Lets get this straight. I’m no scientist,  but I know vaccines tell our immune system to make antibodies.  We need them.  Antibodies run through our blood like tiny spies with magnifying glasses, uncovering things that don’t belong. In the body it’s foreign invaders like…

August 15, 2020
Notes from Jan

Solitary Refinement

First of all, human beings and solitary confinement are natural enemies.  We’re relational beings.  It’s a cruel punishment. When in doubt,  consider how we’ve felt with minor constrictions after just a few months. Imagine enduring years of  solitary confinement. For sure, this pandemic reminds…

August 8, 2020
Notes from Jan

Uncommon Grace

Two avocados, four peaches and one cantaloupe struggle to ripen while I watch. It’s one of those lazy, hazy days of summer. But not quite as still as ones I remember as a kid in Georgia, when the heat and humidity bore down like…

August 1, 2020
Notes from Jan

The Gospel According to John

John Lewis preached the gospel. He proclaimed good news to the poor and those punished and disadvantaged because of the color of their skin. He wasn’t Saint John but that’s not the point. Some preach with words.  But nothing  speaks like our lives.  We…

July 23, 2020
Notes from Jan

Weighing in on Faithfulness

It’s what I called him, Uncle Faithful, but not ’til after he died.  He was daddy’s eldest brother, a bachelor.  Uncle Jack lived one of those quiet lives that doesn’t make much difference unless being faithful in small ways adds up to more than…

July 18, 2020
Notes from Jan

Of Pancakes, Pandemics and Protests

It all came back  as I  warmed  syrup and mixed the batter to make Norwegian pancakes for my grandson, Basil.  It seemed as good a time as any to tell him the story that happened almost fifty years ago.  With so much bad news,…

July 13, 2020
Notes from Jan

Monumental Mistakes and Moments

We  keep making them, monumental mistakes and I’m not just talking about statues.  However,when it comes to  some of those sacred symbols of history, we bet on the wrong horse.  We put our money on clay-footed folks, instead of  on the horses.  W.C.Fields put…

July 3, 2020
Notes from Jan

Picture Perfect

It’s been almost a month since Jud and I took a drive.  No, really. May 31st would’ve been our 57th wedding anniversary, but who’s counting? Me!  Since Jud left for heaven more than five years ago, you might need an explanation. It was Sunday…

June 26, 2020