Notes from Jan

Precious ProXimity

Sunday after church I pulled up to Chad’s house, then headed around to the backporch. I love porches. Cozy, their dog, welcomed me. I love that dog. He wears his name well, unless you’re a squirrel. Chad fixed brunch for me, since they’d already…

July 12, 2022
Notes from Jan

A Cautionary Tale

Guess what? I don’t always feel beloved. While what I wrote a week ago was true, it’s also true that sometimes I’m befuddled, beleaguered, beholden, bedraggled and running behind, for starters. Today’s July 4th. It’s a beautiful day in the neighborhood. (Is that copyrighted?)…

July 5, 2022
Notes from Jan

Once Upon a Time

Yesterday Maggie and Poco took up residence at Camp Something-or-Other. The name’s escaped me. The day before I watched Maggie meticulously choose, fold and pack for camp. Poco probably shoved hers in a backpack, last minute, and hoped for the best. She’ll probably be…

June 27, 2022
Notes from Jan

Sweet, Sacred Summertime

Summer’s here. Yesterday I stopped at a farmstand to pick up some freshly picked strawberries. Nothing like New England strawberries. They’re smaller and sweeter, unlike ones shipped from faraway places in hope they’ll ripen some day. As I stood in line behind a woman…

June 22, 2022
Notes from Jan

Sometimes, The Impossible’s Possible

It could’ve been overlooked this morning. But it wasn’t. I paused and looked out my window at the sea. Then, tried to imagine the faith it took to step into something like the Red Sea. The Psalm read, “Your road led through the sea,…

June 16, 2022
Notes from Jan

When Throwaway meets Radical Mending

Did the title nudge you to hit “unsubscribe”? Well, even if I write only to figure out what I’m thinking, I’ll keep at it. For starters, the idea originated in a May 22, 2022 Boston Globe article entitled, Radical Menders Vs. Disposable Everything by…

June 7, 2022
Notes from Jan

Story Stones

It’s not been a quiet week. On Sunday Lily graduated from Brown. Monday we gathered with friends and family for a Memorial Day cookout at Kris and Mike Reid’s. Yesterday family flew back to California. While they flew home and Lily resumed packing up…

June 1, 2022
Notes from Jan

Time between Times

How do we handle sacred space? In Philip Yancey’s book, Grace Notes, he writes,” Rather than rushing from one task to the next, pause for a moment and recognize the time between times.” Time is also a focus in the book of Ecclesiastes. Remember…

May 23, 2022
Notes from Jan

Precious People

Just a snippet of the nightly newscast. A phone call interrupted, so I caught only part of the feel good part tagged onto the news. It had something to do with a man learning he had a daughter. He thought he was alone in…

May 17, 2022
Notes from Jan

A Few Random Thoughts

Actually, it’s my Sunday School class on Ecclesiastes that spurs me to look at life. Mine, not just the life of the Teacher who wrote this puzzling book. For example, how many times can you read that something they did or you’re doing is…

May 9, 2022