Notes from Jan

Appreciation Along With Anticipation

The Christmas tree and seasonal decorations spread light and color over this rainy day in San Anselmo, California. No more presents under the tree. Still, gifts keep coming, ongoing reminders that the HEART of Christmas remains. Like yesterday, when Lily took me for Christmas…

December 29, 2023
Notes from Jan

To Be Seen

“Tis the season to remember when God came as Jesus to a Bethlehem barn. But also that God still comes. Emmanuel. God with us. Recently, I told my son-in-love, Matt, about an encounter with a homeless man, who spoke four words that still speak…

December 21, 2023
Notes from Jan

A Bumper Sticker, Bethlehem and Being Mangers

Stuck in traffic made the bumper sticker easy to read. “France called. They want their statue back.” What?! Oh, I get it. Sometime after our relatives came through Ellis Island, too many of us preferred signs stating, “KEEP OUT” instead of “Give me your…

December 17, 2023
Notes from Jan

What Do You Want for Christmas?

The older I get, the less I want or need and the more I’m aware of the needs of others. And it’s not because I can’t think of anything I want or need, it’s because I’m more aware of everything I already have. I’ve…

December 13, 2023
Notes from Jan

Coffee On The Run

What a mess! I texted Lillian, “So sorry. I’m going to be late.” We were meeting to go to IKEA. Simple. Not so simple, since I decided to do Advent readings, light candles at breakfast instead of dinnertime. All good until I knocked over…

December 6, 2023
Notes from Jan

Just Twenty MInutes

Just got home from a vestry meeting at church. Time purposefully spent with folks I like spending time with. And both matter. Time and people. We only have so many days on this earth. And time, not money, is our most valuable asset. Oh,…

November 29, 2023
Notes from Jan

On Pardoning Turkeys

Saw in the newspaper that President Biden pardoned two turkeys. Liberty and Bell received a repreive. Sorta like an early Christmas present. Although I wouldn’t crow prematurely, Pardoned Twosome. Not everyone prefers a Christmas goose. Apparently, according to a recent post(11/20/23) by Garrison Keillor,…

November 22, 2023
Notes from Jan

What’s Wrong? You Look Worried.

Blame it on my face. Apparently, it gives off signals that something’s wrong. My kids call it my “bum face.” Once, after being identified with such, I hurried to the closest mirror to check my expression. Well, reflecting back were furrowed lines, squinting eyes…

November 14, 2023
Notes from Jan

Sometimes Hope Needs a Hand

Ayla did it again. She preached a sermonette without words. So once again, Sunday at Christ Church delivered some sacred surprises. It was All Saints’ Day, Children’s Sunday and Naomi Gray, our Rector’s wife did the sermon. Win. Win. And win! But if that…

November 7, 2023
Notes from Jan

Tricks or Treats and Some Usual Good Practices

Yesterday I spent almost four hours with my mouth open for oral surgery. Saints above and below prayed for me, since I was antsy, at best. Alas, it didn’t help that I saw a cartoon with a pumpkin in a dentist’s chair. The dentist…

October 31, 2023
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