Notes from Jan

Lost and Found

April turned to May, since I last wrote. I’ve missed you but missed my family in California more. So after two shots(not what you’re thinking) and a dose of hope, I flew west for a month to hug and be hugged. I jumped into…

May 4, 2021
Notes from Jan

Holy Fools

Mama loved hats, but nothing like Ms. Laverne who I met on ABC news last night. She’s 82 and a member of the Metropolitan Baptist Church in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Every Sunday, during the pandemic, Ms. Laverne watched church on-line but dressed like she was…

April 2, 2021
Notes from Jan

Palm Offerings

Poco beamed as she presented her gift to me. Nothing wrapped, just something cushioned in my grand’s five year old hands. Slowly she opened them, revealing some coins in her palms. “Momo, this is for you. It’s everything I have. ” Everything totaled $1.02,…

March 28, 2021
Notes from Jan

No Ordinary Joe

No, I’m not talking about our President, Joseph Biden, nor some new blend from Starbucks. Today the Church honors Saint Joseph. Think Christmas. If you were a church-going boy, he’s the one you hoped to play in the Christmas pageant, since Joseph spoke no…

March 19, 2021
Notes from Jan

Hope is Bi-Partisan

As winter goes, ours was mild, but felt harsh due to the pandemic, politics and isolation. One can take just so much winter weather or words. But I sensed we’re on the cusp of spring, after listening to President Biden address our nation with…

March 13, 2021
Notes from Jan

Thoughts on Privies, Pedestals, and Ponderables

The toilet sat outside, just beyond the condo’s front steps. I noticed it when I walked down the street to the mailboxes. The condo sold a few weeks back, so I supposed this was the result of internal renovations, not a bizarre housewarming gift.…

March 5, 2021
Notes from Jan

Life’s A Shot in the Arm

Got it with a sticker as proof. Never saw so many happy eyes as we waited masked and six feet apart to get our vaccine. There was shouting, according to those with young ears. But to the rest of us, quiet chit-chat about the…

February 27, 2021
Notes from Jan

Laughter during Lent

Is it OK to laugh during Lent? I suppose that’s a little like the Pharisees asking Jesus, “Is it lawful to heal on the Sabbath?” But back to Lent. This a time to reflect, repent and take a closer look at what we’re about…

February 22, 2021
Notes from Jan

Love, God

Graduation day loomed. One evening Jud and I puzzled over what to give the Gordon College graduating class. What did we pray they’d grow up to be? That we’d be? We wanted them to become men and women of the cloth. This wasn’t about…

February 13, 2021
Notes from Jan

Simply Ordinary

These are ordinary times. Not Advent, Christmas, Lent or Easter but simply ordinary. This is according to the Church liturgical year, not the Boston Globe or a social commentator. Well, yesterday, Dean Robert reminded me of this period, the ordinary days between the significant…

February 4, 2021