Notes from Jan

Mending Ways

Duty called but I resisted. Finally, I gave in, headed to the garage to sort through some boxes. The garage needed to be cleared for its original purpose, a place to park a car in winter. Lily’s. Mine prefers the outdoors. Truthfully, I never…

November 14, 2022
Notes from Jan

Is The Church in the USA on the Ballot?

For starters, I’ll state the obvious. No system is perfect, nor any political party or candidate. But still, VOTE. It’s a right and a privilege. And it matters. Especially, when both extremes question the viability of our democratic form of government. Consequently, extremes remind…

November 7, 2022
Notes from Jan

Nothing Ordinary About Any Of Us

This was a week to consider saints. Obvious ones like Saints Peter and Julian of Norwich. But also ones who lived among us but are now dead to this world, yet alive in another. That word dead always lands with a thud, even when…

November 3, 2022
Notes from Jan

Alternate Commandments

Well, this was the week to catch-up on things left undone due to Covid and my need for frequent naps. So, I took my twelve year old Prius to renew its inspection sticker before November first. The car did great but the one doing…

October 29, 2022
Notes from Jan

High Expectations

Saints below, that’s how I saw them, maneuvered the unique wheelchair, customized for the man’s small frame. A pair of child-sized sneakers, too clean, sat on the footrest. A blanket tucked around him left me puzzling about his ability to move without assistance. But…

October 19, 2022
Notes from Jan

Windows on the World

Good morning. It feels good to be feeling better. And, thanks to my good neighbors, to catch the sun’s rays and seascape through clean windows. Our three units combine to hire pros to wash away the blurs and blotches that come from living near…

October 13, 2022
Notes from Jan

Postcards Can Wait

So, what does that mean? It means while I was away in France and Italy, I purchased a lot of postcards. My intention was to use them. But, I might add, I’m grateful it was hard to find post offices. Which means, I’m also…

October 8, 2022
Notes from Jan

Seeds for Thought

My mind said, “Steamed fish with butter and herbs” but my heart (emotional not physical) cried, “Steak and potatoes.” Steak won. One deep breath and taste transported me to DeKalb, Illinois, age nine. It happened Sundays after church. We walked into the parsonage and…

September 29, 2022
Notes from Jan

Queen For A Day

For more than twenty years, Queen for a Day, captured many women’s hopes. The show applauded Cinderella tales of woe, first on radio in 1945 and then on television until 1964. As a child, I remember hearing the audience yell, “Yes!“, to Jack Bailey’s…

September 21, 2022
Notes from Jan


Well, not the trash talking some do to distract or demean during a game? I’m talking about folks who pickup our trash. Imagine if the garbage of our lives just piled up outside the door? A while back, sanitation workers went on strike in…

September 15, 2022