Notes from Jan

Standing on Tiptoe

That’s what Spring does for me, leaves me standing on tiptoe, not wanting to miss moments or vistas. I love watching the greening and flowering of the earth, enjoying more daylight, less darkness. Seasons of life matter. All of them. In nature and in…

May 2, 2022
Notes from Jan

A Good Day to Make Soup

Somewhere I read a poem about making soup after all the holiday feasts. Something simply nourishing for body and soul. True for Easter, too. Jud, not known in the family for his culinary skills, took to making bean soup with the ham bone after…

April 25, 2022
Notes from Jan

Silent Saturday

It’s where most of us live our dash, in silent Saturdays. Life tucked between the headlines of Good Friday and Easter Sunday. Nothing all that bad or good going on. Just life lived but largely unnoticed. No miracles around. Maybe a little like the…

April 20, 2022
Notes from Jan

Mrs. M.’s Dash in Brown Oxfords

She came to mind a few days back, a plain woman who walked with a no-nonsense gait in her practical brown oxfords. She and her husband came from Norway and farmed the fertile soil around DeKalb, Illinois. They attended the small Swedish Baptist church,…

April 9, 2022
Notes from Jan

Sunshine for the Soul

Yesterday morning, a Polish woman came to help me clean. We talked and she shared how angry and troubled she is over what’s happening to Ukraine and so proud of her country for welcoming so many refugees. After awhile, I put on instrumental music,…

April 2, 2022
Notes from Jan

Piece Keeping Missions

No, it’s not a misspelling. It’s what quilters do, keep pieces, scraps of fabric, then piece them together and make something out of seemingly nothing. The result? Something beautiful, memorable to both the quilter and the recipient. But it’s also useful, practical beauty, providing…

March 18, 2022
Notes from Jan

The State of Our Souls

Earlier this week President Biden addressed the State of the Nation. But, for me, and I suspect others, the greater concern was for the state of our world. Apart from inflation, waning but ongoing challenges from the pandemic, Ukraine holds our attention and the…

March 4, 2022
Notes from Jan

Small Matters

Maggie slept over. I love when the Grands come. Yesterday, with breakfast over, we just sat and talked. Sometimes the conversation turns towards Jud. It’s good to remember, to share the stories. So yesterday, I told her two stories about her grandfather and Lynn,…

February 25, 2022
Notes from Jan

Home of the Brave and the Scared

Ralph texted, “Dan’s home.” Just a few days ago, Dan and I talked on the phone, laughed about crazy stuff from our growing up days. Life long ago. Good, but not perfect. Never is. Until a few days ago, Dan called North Carolina home.…

February 15, 2022
Notes from Jan

Speaking of…

How trustworthy is FACEBOOK? Apparently, not so much, since my last post on TRUTH prompted someone to impersonate me on Facebook. So some of you have done one of three things: Caught on that it wasn’t me, even thought a familiar photo came with…

February 10, 2022