Notes from Jan

Gold Mettle Winners

Sunday night, the torch passed from Tokyo to Paris. These games presented an unusual mix of solemnity and celebration. Athletes shattered world records inside empty stands. Meanwhile, our world set records for fires, floods, and losses from a pernicious pandemic. Which is why most…

August 15, 2021
Notes from Jan

Mending Times

As I age, I’m aware there’s less of it. Time. Reminders lurk in odd places, like at the grocery store. The guy’s T-shirt read,”In dog years I’d be dead!” I laughed, then calculated my age. Fast. Dr. Seuss reflected,” How did it get so…

August 3, 2021
Notes from Jan

Hard to Hear Truth

She sat, like a social conscience, slumped over a battered cardboard sign on the small island separating the entrance in and out of a Saugus strip mall. I thought my biggest challenge was getting out of Trader Joe’s with just the essentials on my…

July 29, 2021
Notes from Jan


Just posted UNIFORM LANGUAGE and you’ll notice there are some words about the Salvation Army outside malls,etc. after the piece ends. I doodled and forgot to erase it. So STOP reading after “listening world hangs on every word.” If so, you’ll feel better about…

July 20, 2021
Notes from Jan

A Uniform Language

They chose wrong, if style, social status or salaries determine one’s worth. Some skirt around them and their red kettles when Christmas rolls around. We may pause to listen to Christmas carols, played by a group of brass players. Or sometimes out of guilt…

July 20, 2021
Notes from Jan


Well, that’s a new one, since I come from a region notorious for Spy-gate and Deflate-gate. But that’s sports, this isn’t. As one who is concerned about The Church today, “Sermongate” by Ruth Graham in the New York Times, grabbed my attention. According to…

July 14, 2021
Notes from Jan

Humanity with a Side of Humor

Mama and Daddy wed in 1938 on the last day in June. That’s eighty-three years ago. It shouldn’t have worked but they hung on to God and each other for more than fifty years, honoring their vows by guts and grace,”until death do us…

July 7, 2021
Notes from Jan

Friends, Come and Have Some Breakfast

The email arrived today. After delays due to the pandemic, our Breakfast Club’s regathering Friday. I enjoy this group and breakfast. It’s my favorite meal, even without crispy bacon. Which is part of why I love the story, post crucifixion and resurrection, when Jesus…

June 29, 2021
Notes from Jan

Life’s Multiple Choice Tests

Life’s marked by multiple choices, which I loved on tests, but not so much in life. In tests it gave me a shot at guessing, narrowing down to the most likely option. Then, I’d take a leap of faith, hang my hopes on C,…

June 16, 2021
Notes from Jan

Group Therapy

Maggie and I watched the white-haired couple seated near us at a table for two. They exuded interest in each other, not cellphones. Maggie caught my wistful look. She knew I missed Jud. Especially, since it was May 31st, our wedding anniversary. Which was…

June 3, 2021